Workshop Description

The PANACEA Users’ Workshop 2011 aims at organising a meeting point for all those users of Language Resources who search for an easier way to provide their businesses and technology with the so much needed LRs. This workshop looks into the needs and demands of the professional LR user as well as showing PANACEA’s achievements to satisfy them.

PANACEA is an FP7 project for the development of a Platform for the automatic, normalized annotation and cost-effective acquisition of Language Resources. Work has been done to handle the well-known Language Resource bottleneck. Its results will contribute to transform and improve state-of-the-art Machine Translation as well as other Language Technologies, by offering breakthrough solutions to the current situation in the acquisition and production of LR s. The goal is to provide a platform of “interoperable web services” which is used as a LR factory and which helps cut down the costs of LR s both in terms of money and development time.

The project has just finalized its first development cycle, thus concluding the initial phase of our “factory of Language Resources”. PANACEA has been conceived as a production line that allows for the easy integration of new and advanced technological components to automate the stages involved in the production, updating and maintenance of LRs required by current and future Language Technologies. A number of highly used NLP components have already been integrated, such as those related to monolingual and parallel crawling, corpus normalization, corpus alignment, PoS tagging.

Bearing such context in mind, this workshop would like to invite professional Language Resource users and/or Language Technology experts to participate and share their specific needs with us. We will be very pleased to hear your view, for instance, on:

- The possibilities that such an external LR factory can bring to your company.
- The prospects that a highly automated production chain can offer in terms of producing LRs for new languages and domains in demand.
- The ideal business model for your company, both as a service provider or as a language resource, depending on your needs.

Audience addressed

This half-day workshop aims to address all those involved with Language Resources, in particular professional users who suffer from their shortage and high cost, thus needing to find alternative or more expensive options for their businesses.

The workshop features two invited talks, opening the morning session, providing us with the state-of-the-art in both a large translation production context and a technology development context (Machine Translation). These invited talks will open the way to a certainly very productive exchange and discussion event.

PANACEA is also a partner project with META-NET, the associated network of excellence, which is organising the META-FORUM 2011 just before our workshop. If you are also attending META-NET, why not taking the opportunity to join us in our workshop?

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest!

Invited Speakers

Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic, Spain.

Gregor Thurmair, Linguatec (Linguatec Language Technologies), Germany.